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Weighing in on Water

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I saw a local TV spot once for a drycleaner that went something like this: “When you wash your own clothes, you end up with wrinkled shirts. When you end up with wrinkled shirts, the girl you are dating stops calling you back. When the girl you are dating stops calling you back, you end up alone and miserable.

Don’t wash your own shirts.”

Missing out on enough water is a little like that ad: one action will set off a cascade of events that can leave you feeling less energized and even more likely to put on some weight. So whether you are looking for more reasons to reinforce your everyday water habit, or you’re looking for incentives to increase your water intake, here are three less-known facts that might be of interest:

1. The Water-Stress Cycle

A drop in hydration does more than make you feel sluggish, it also leads to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol. As little as a 2% dro

p can signal a stress response, which increases insulin levels. Insulin that is too high, over time, can lead to a prediabetic state. Unfortunately, stress can also cause a state of dehydration and dehydration leads to stress, so making sure that adequate water intake is part of your daily routine can break this cycle.

2. Water (at the Right Time) Aids Weight Loss: Study Proves It

A study reported in Science Daily and the journal Obesity asked one of their two test groups to drink 16oz of water ½ hour before each meal. After 12 weeks, the group that drank the 16oz of water lost, on average, 10lbs mor

e than the control group.

It is important to note that you should NOT drink 16oz of water WITH a meal. When you drink that much during a meal, you dilute the efforts of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach, which is critical for breaking down fats and proteins during digestion. A reduced level of HCL can lead to increased indigestion from food that is not broken down adequately in the gut. Additionally, after the age of 40 we lose some of that HCL anyway. So load up on water before a meal, but drink less (4oz) during a meal.

3. Water Helps You Burn Fat

Water is necessary for metabolizing fat: it interacts with triglycerides and makes them ready for a process called lipolysis, which is when the fats are turned into fatty acids and can be burned.

Creating New Habits: One Small Shift

Try adding this small shift into your routine: whenever you drink water, think of one of these benefits (among many) from Medical News Today :

· It increases energy during working out

· It maintains healthy joints

· It helps with weight loss

· It boosts skin health and beauty

Pick just one and focus on it every time you drink some water. You’ll end up feeling like a simple task such as drinking water yields some great rewards, well above getting your clothes to the dry cleaner.

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