• Susan Maurer

Small Shifts

WELL, it's January. Again.

As we start to think about resolutions, goals and purging anything in our lives that just didn't work in 2019, why not think small?

You don't have to start any healthy resolutions with a dramatic, grandiose gesture, like cleaning out your cabinets, swearing off ice cream and hitting the gym 6 days a week. Instead, start with small, bite-size changes, shifts in your food and lifestyle choices that will make you feel like some new, healthy habits just crept up on you, kind of like your birthday.

January is the month to clean out holiday sugar

Start by eliminating any leftover Christmas cookies and candy, or sweets that you don't ordinarily touch except for the holidays, like the Hershey's kisses in festive packaging and limited edition flavors that sit in a candy bowl from Thanksgiving on. The goal is to remove some extraneous sweets from your daily life, You don't have to go cold turkey on an occasional treat that you might ordinarily eat, but get rid of enough of that sugar so that it makes a difference. Experience the feeling of satisfying food without the added treats. Then notice how your energy and mood become much more consistent.

Did you know that cancer cells have 4 - 5 more insulin (sugar) receptors than a normal cell?* Cancer cells love sugar and sugar may contribute to fueling growth.* Think of that when you are eliminating some of the excess sugar that you've been consuming.

Once the month is over you will have formed a new habit without even realizing it -- and you can start thinking about the next, small, healthy step to take.

Small shifts, small victories. New habits. They will all amount to big changes by the end of 2020.


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