• Susan Maurer

Immune Support for Winter

Well, we are in for one heck of a winter.

There is a lot of gloom and doom circulating on the internet regarding a tough few months, given how unrelenting COVID-19 has been. It’s not news that any of us wants to hear, and yet it is news that we will have to deal with, at least until Spring.

Is your immune system ready? Are there steps you can take to fortify your T-Cells, natural killer cells and macrophages–all necessary in the battle to combat viruses and other threats?

Besides the standard social distancing, mask-wearing recommendations, there are ways you can bolster your system as we battle on, and they exist as an army of little nutrient soldiers that will happily join forces with the immune response to help assist against any other plans that COVID-19 or the flu might have. While there is currently no research that supports a particular nutrient that directly combats COVID-19, there are plenty of foods that have been shown to support the immune response overall. Here is a short list, with help from one of my favorite websites,

If you’re considering a good all-around immune-boosting supplement, I would recommend Immunitone Plus from Designs for Health, which is an herbal formula that

is designed to support healthy immune system function during cold and flu season.** It contains herbs that support normal natural killer (NK) cell activity and the balance of cytokines, which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of a normal immune system response.**

Stay safe everyone, and remember that good food, vitamins and herbs are on your side.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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