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Susan Maurer, CNS
Clinical Nutritionist

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I'm an Everyday Nutritionist

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Susan Maurer, CNS

CT Licence 000923

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We get signals every day about how to be healthier. I'm here to help you recognize them and guide you through them. 


I've been a Nutritionist for 15+ years, licensed in Connecticut, and I truly believe that we have over-complicated the idea of eating. I don't believe in counting calories or weighing food. My philosophy is to start from the beginning: clean the slate of all the information about food that we think may be beneficial, and focus attention instead on the basics of what our bodies truly need to be healthy.  With this greater awareness and base of knowledge, we can then begin to fine tune diet, health, exercise and sleep habits. 

I've worked with patients who need to manage their weight, diabetes, PCOS, digestive issues. 


I'm so happy you're here. It means that you are serioius about your health. You can feel better!

Questions  Welcome. Answers Provided.

The Skinny

Information, Education and Support

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Blogs that I call Edible Insights. Nuggets of good information that you can use everyday

Supplements based on science and research. Quality, not Junk

Private 1:1 Consults
Weight Loss, Diabetes, and more.

I can get you on track and get you feeling better.

Nutritional Information:
Edible Insights

Digestible Nuggets of
Nutrition-Based Truth

I love learning about nutrition, so I will share those tidbits here. They might be scientific or they could just be entertaining. Because who on earth wants to read boring stuff? Not me.

Susan Maurer, CNS

Thanks for checking out my site. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Contact me to set up a consult or to get more information. Consults are usuaslly remote via video conference or we can find a mutually agreeable location.

Stay Healthy!


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